Wednesday, January 2

Hong Kong Day 1: Lan Kwai Fong

Note: Holiday and still got work to do..what sort of holiday is this?!

dinner at causeway bay

Backdated post to 29th June and continuation from Part 2

After our long long time spent at Victoria Peak we decided to come down from there and go eat dinner...we were all so hungry!!!! we ate at this place near out hotel...I don't know what is the name of the place..but the food was not too bad...I had the Egg Beef Rice....quite yummy..velverse and her daddy decided for the Black Bean Rice (cuz got the beef and her dad got the pork)...Denise got the Portugese Seafood Rice while saiku got the YongChew Rice..i don't think is too expensive...was HKD 135 (AUD20) for 5 of us....

lan kwai fong

After dinner we all went back to have a bit of rest...well actually it was my aunt and uncle...Denise, velverse and I decided to continue our little adventure more (although lack of sleep and tired!)...we went on to Lan Kwai Fong, the supposed happening place full of night clubs and pubs in Hong Kong. And how so true...and on a Friday night too..the place was PACKED!!!!...and loads of drunks around too..even 2 of them started taking picture with my 2 sexy cousins...:) we went to the place with not too many ppl (so we can sit!)...Denise opted for a beer (I never knew she likes beer!), velverse got the Buddha Fix (a mixture of vodka, lemon juice with lychee and mandarins)...i guess she just needed to be closer to Buddha.. :) as for me I got the Chocalate Monkey (vodka, creme de cacao, creme de banana, chocalate, cream and banana)...super sweet and was a fun fun trip...first time 3 of us actually went drinking together...Cuz Power!!!!

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