Friday, January 18

Killer Yummy Dinner

Note: Weekend finally! Time to sleep sleep sleep...although I did "ponteng" half day today...*chillz*


Backdated post to 17th January 2008

After work yesterday, some of us decided to go for a nice dinner at the city..Estella and I decided to eat something really spicy and different...and god knows how but we ended up going to this place called ShanCheng HotPot King 山城火鍋王 located on Sussex Street, Sydney ..The last time I came here was a while ago for Kaka's of the best places to have hot pot around me anyways......

When our mostly meat dishes (just one plate of veggie for Estella and Ning) arrived, we jumped straight into eating..hungry!!! I think within 10 minutes my whole mouth was literally numb..between the spiciness and the pepper that I keep biting into, I seriusly couldn't taste anything anymore!!! Estella who loves her chilli was also starting to feel the chilli...Ning being his chicken self (j/kidding) didn't touch much of the chilli part since he doesn't take spicy I guess he is the safest among 3 of us since the next day aka tummy seriusly feel numb!!!

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