Sunday, January 13

The last day of 2007 and the first day of 2008

Note: Last day of holiday and I'm super depressed...have a presentation to do tmr and I have nothing to present!!! Maybe I can just show them my holiday pics???? :)

new year

Backdated post to 1st of Jan 2008

Hai so fast and 2007 has just gone....truthfully speaking I think for me 2007 was just a so so year...had lots of ups and downs..the "ups" would include my big big holidays (KL, Bangkok, Hong Kong & Macau) and loads of "hiao moments" and "intoxicated" moments..the "downs" ah well let bygones be bygones....but definately looking forward to 2008!!! finally the year which I can safely say that I'm going to be over and done with my PHD....the year which I shall get a little more freedom and move out of home.....the year which one of me favourite cousin Denise is getting married (yes I'm counting down to May and another great holiday)....loads of good mates getting married (yes I'm at that age where I'll be going for more weddings than parties!)....2008 already sounds busy!!!!

For this New Year I decided to brave the crowd and traffic and go out to watch the fireworks live in action and not from the TV....after dinner, some of us which include Joyce, Ricky, Mary, Simon, Lionel and me drove to Vaucluse....we have seriusly got to be the luckiest people around because we got the perfect parking spot 3 minutes before the fireworks lucky is that??!!! The fireworks to me was just so so...nothing great and new from the other years....I think Sydney seriusly need to find a new creative team!!!! after the fireworks we decided to stay a bit there to wait for the traffic to die down...luckily we were prepared with a bottle of champagne!!! muahaha....a guy from the opposite house even came down from his few million dollar house to bask in front of us....:) atleast Lionel was kind enuff to give him 20 cents...:)


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