Tuesday, January 1

Merry Xmas & A Happy 2008 New Year

Note: Woo hoo home alone till mid January!!! Not starting work until 14th Jan...lalala I'm starting 2008 really good!!!

xmas and new year

I know a little backdated for this post..but is the first post for this year!!!!!! (and I just made it by 45 minutes)...been so busy for the past few week....with the parties, gatherings, car-hunting & shopping...Not working but still definately lack of sleep!!!

So a new year...truthfully speaking it feels the same to me like yesterday and the day before..nothing is really different...New Year Resolution? well I sort of have not make any since long long time ago....since chances are I wouldn't be keeping it...:) but there are a few things I guess I should change.....so I'm going to give these few a try starting today...and let's just see how long it lasts

1) Swear much much less: shit, damn, fart and stupid are not swear words....and this rule is not applicable when driving!

2) Graduate this year with a PHD and look for a proper job: DEFINATELY ACHIEVABLE!

3) Save more money: I shall not buy nonsense stuffs...Must think 10x before buying anything!

That is about all I can think of.....did I miss anything???


may said...

oooh, so did you watch the fireworks at the bridge? pretty cool! good luck in graduating, you can do it... "jia you"!

Happy 2008!

Nicole Tan said...

may: no I went to Vaucluse to watch it...haha good luck in graduating only?? I need for the rest too!!! hehe