Tuesday, January 22

My Baby Is Saved!!!!

Note: My laptop at home is seriusly playing up!!! Thank god is under warranty..big problem is that to send it for fixing I have to all the way north of Sydney!! arghhh looks like is going to take me a while to go fix it

mikey is saved

Yeh finally me came to to the lab and saved Mikey...the evil duo Cecilia and Jimmy decided to leave Mikey overnight hanging!!! How could they?!?!! E.V.I.L.

Mikey is now safely locked up in my locker now...with the "love nest" key....Leo went for a 3 weeks long holiday with Jeff and I'm suppose to go check on his house intermittently....woo hoo...Party anyone???? Let's trash the place!! Woo Hoo.....


may said...

wah, long time no drop by, I like the new earthy look!

hello Mikey. can I bite you? oooops... ok ok, I buy real gingerbread cookie and share with you ya!

Curiosity Killer said...

Ugh - sucks to have computer problems doesn't it?

Nicole Tan said...

may: thank you thank you...i have to thank velverse big time helping me design it...NOOOOO don't bite my baby!!!!!!

curiosity killer: I know...luckily i got 2 computer so still quite ok..phew