Wednesday, January 16

Partying the Hawaiian Style

Note: I'm actually not too backdated!

hawaiian party 1hawaiian party 2

Backdated post to 12th January 2007

After being booked to come for Mary's Hawaiian Party since last year, the day has finally came!!! was looking forward to this day...I get to see ppl in hawaiian clothes....first fancy dress party in a while...

Party was good....Big thanks to Mary and Simon for a really great party and for the superb cocktails (Simon makes a pretty good bartender!)i think the best dressed of the night was definately Mary and Mary looked super sexy with the straw skirt...and Leo...ahhhhh my sexy hawaiian pimp!! :D I have to say I didn't mingle as much as I should have....most of the people who came for the party were from my department...but dunno them too well to go mingle around...mainly mingle with the ppl I know...ah well I guess I am kinda anti-social...but atleast I managed to take heaps of photos with people....and thanks to Mary and Simon for the great hawaiian an excellent backdrop for more camwhoring....especially the coconut tree :D "hiao would always be hiao"


Curiosity Killer said...

Oh I LIKE your hawaiian getup. I keep forgeting Australia is that warm in December/January.

Nicole Tan said...

curiosity killer: haha to me I think australia is hot all year around!!!! it sure doesn't snow here!!! :(