Wednesday, January 23

Sugar Hit With Leo and Edwin

Note: Long weekend coming up!!! but me have to work on absolutely depressing

sugar hit

Backdated post to 31st October 2007

Since it was the last few days of Sydney Good Food Month, Edwin and I decided to atleast go try one of the Sugar Hit. Sugar Hit is basically part of the good food month where participating hotels have a dessert platter along with either dessert wine or cognac for $20 every night for a after reading through the various reviews for different hotels, we decided to go to the best of the best aka Intercontinental Hotel...and I conveniently dragged Leo along since well he is french and chances are he would love it...:)

The one thing I was not too happy about was that the waitress serving us did not ask us whether we wanted wine or cognac and assumed all of us wanted wine...a bit wasted since I heard the cognac was pretty good...but the Brown Brothers dessert wine was absolutely yum!!! and we each had a dessert platter for ourselves...yummm need to share..woo hoo.... the Caramel Walnut Cognac Slice was to me the best of the was drizzled with chocalate sauce and gold shavings....absolutely heavenly....the Triple Chocolate Hennessey Pyramid was good too...chocalate was perfect and so smooth!!! My least favourite would have to be the Passionfruit & Strawberry Gelee....I guess I'm more a sweet chocalatey person rather than a fruity sour person...yes the gelee was kinda sour for me...but it had fresh fruits surrounding it and Leo and Edwin liked maybe is just me...but I did like the white chocalate on top..:)

Kinda regret now not going to the other Sugar Hit in other hotels...ah well there is always 2008!!

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