Thursday, January 10

Supposed Hatching Egg Part 1

Note: 48 hours and the total hours I've been driving = 14 hours...anyone wants to be my chaffeur for the next few days?

hatching egg 1

Ok I was walking around Paddy's Market the other day and stumble accross this amazing thing for $5....I'm not really believing it would really work...but hey just 5 bucks...why not try it right???

This supposed hatching egg is supposed to be submerge in a cup of water for 12-24 hours...and the supposed cute little pet animal will come slowly from it...I'm the suppose to leave it there for another 48 hours for it to completely come out of the shell...after that I'm suppose to move the supposed cute little pet into a new container and watch it grow, grow and grow....I wonder how bit it would grow...or more importantly I wonder how cute the animal would be...hmmm why can't they have a cute guy coming out of the egg?? why animal?! WASTED!


C said...

"hmmm why can't they have a cute guy coming out of the egg??" LOL! You are too cute! :) So, did the egg eventually hatch? What kind of cute little pet did you get?

P.S. Surfed in via Curiosity Killer's blog.

Nicole Tan said...

c: haha thanks...but seriusly if a cute guy comes of the egg me sure buy a few hundred already...the egg did hatch..will blog about it today!! stay tuned!