Wednesday, February 20

Because In Parkes There Are No........

Note: Happy Birthday "Sugar Pie" Leo!!!!

food hopping

This week is Su Yin's last week in Sydney before going to Parkes to work...Parkes I think is about 5 hours drive away from chances are won't be able to catch up with her for half a year!!!! so before she go we decided to have a food hopping ceremony so that she can go fat fat fat before going to Parkes (which is in the middle of nowhere!!!) and then when she is there she can slowly lose the weight..muahahaha...and when she comes back to Sydney for holidays, we can then go for more food hopping ceremony!!!!! nice friends eh????

So first stop for the night was Sushi Rio on Liverpool Street...ambience was was yum....had a few plates there for was 7.45 already that time and I was starving!!!! was controlling myself not to grab more!!!! and I think all of us felt the same way...after getting a few plates, we just quickly move on to the next venue.....Stop 2 was KFC..yes Parkes is that secluded and isolated they don't have a KFC!!! shocking!!! We got the Dinner for 2 Set with additional popcorn chicken to be shared between the 4 of seriusly don't like the hot & spicy chicken in Aus....not even spicy!!! much much prefer the original ones.....After KFC we then went back to Su Yin and Thuan's place to get the car...and drove to Cafe De Wheels at Wooloomooloo for our 3rd stop....I didn't bother getting the pies more a hotdog person...all of us got the hotdog with cheese sauce and chilli...absolute yum!!!!!!! didn't spend much time here since we were too cheap to pay we instantly went to our 4th and final stop at Pancake @ The Rocks..yup no one makes better pancakes than them...I since it was our last stop...we decided we would definately order the rack of pork ribs......and one pancake...after winning the Rock Paper Scissors game with Jacinta, we went for the blueberry heaven pancake....I have to say the 4th stop definately killed me...I was so full by the end of it that it was so difficult to sleep after that!!!! but it was so worth it!!!! $25 for 4 places in one night!!! *burp*

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