Tuesday, February 26

Lionel & Jeff Return From Tibet Party

Note: My new year resolution is definately not going to be happening...been cursing a lot lately...and definately not saving money!!!! ARGH

jeff lionel party

The only efficient thing that Lionel and Jeff did before their holidays was to organise this party...:) Why is it called Return From Tibet party I have no idea since they did go to other places too....maybe is because they actually came back alive and in one piece..before their trip I was already telling them to start writing their "will" and leaving all their belongings to me...:) but I guess now no point...

I went there pretty early to help both of them out making the sushi....since Cecilia said she doesn't trust them and only trust me...haha thanks Ceci!!!! making the sushi was fun fun fun...I think we did a pretty good job...if anyone wants a sushi platter next time call us...but we will charge you for it!!! :) Jeff and I even made 2 very special sushi.....with heaps of wasabi inside....and nicely tucked under the raw fish...and the first sushi Ning picked up after we told him about the wasabi??? the special sushi!!! haha that sure made my day!!!!! the other "special" sushi went to Estella..but we did warn her beforehand...afterall the "special" sushi was just made for Ning...:)

The night continued on with Lionel and Jeff showing us the pictures which they took during the entire trip...pretty long seriusly...but you guys can see some of it if you go to Jeff's blog...hopefully he updates it...:)

Oh before I forget...the first picture on top is of Lionel's bday...since he is so special even gave him 2 cakes!!! one a chestnut cake..and the other a honey dew cake...yes all weird sounding.....he ain't exactly normal you know!!!!!!

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