Tuesday, February 5

New Year New Car

Note: Was an hour late for work today because I went to feed the fish at Leo's house and dozed off there....I'm seriusly lack of sleep!!!

me new car

I know I haven't got my new Honda Civic Vti-L yet...but I got the phone call this morning telling me the car is ready!!! Anyways should be getting the car on Thursday or Friday depending when the cheque is approved....which is for the better anyway since the next few days is raining like shit!!! I don't want to dirty my new precious...still thinking of what name to name my new car...any ideas anyone????

Come to think of it this week should be a good week...got an email to say that my accepted paper would be available online on the first day of CNY..yeh my first "smart geeky" self....hopefully is google-ble in future....then atleast the Nicole Tan would atleast come out a "smart" one.....then get me new car this week....sis coming back this week with goodies (if no goodies she is walking back from the airport!)......the only thing to complete this beatiful week is if I can sleep to the max this weekend....which so far looks pretty promising...muahahahahahaha


Denise said...

Call it "Hiao"

kyh said...

Hiao is nice! LOL LOL!!!! luff *beep* me! (mustn't say the word cos dai cut lei si :P)

Happy Chinese New Year!

Nicole Tan said...

denise: what?! how can I call my car hiao?!

kyh: no lah won't call it hiao..crazy....gung hei fatt choi to you!!

case_in_point said...

nice car!

Happy New Year! :)

zewt said...

car... needs a name?

Nicole Tan said...

case_in_point: Happy New Year to you too!!!

zewt: I still can't think of a name!!!