Tuesday, February 19

Pressies from Hong Kong

Note: Going on a food marathon tonite....4 places one night!!! I'm so going to be indigested tmr!


Yeh finally Leo and Jeff are back from their long long holiday...make me wait so long for my presents!! but yeh they got me a whole set of those capsule toys!!! different version of Stitch!! so cute!!! especially the one which he was wrapped up in bandage....like "mummy" like that...cute!!!! and the snacks they brought back...super yummy fruit mochis and the nutty candies....unfortunately only one "edible" chocalate.....and 2 chocalate condoms.......god knows why but ah well anything chocalate is good I guess.....

But glad to have you back guys....the lab has kinda been quiet without you 2 trouble makers!!!!

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