Friday, February 15

WHAT?! Nicole Exercising?!

Note: My dad's msn got a bad bad virus...keeps sending files to download...and some of them are kinda porn sounding....and coming from my dad...just make it all the more bad bad bad....


Wow more than a week of not updating my blog...yes it has been a seriusly long long week....I felt like this week lasted for more than 7 days....the picture above shows a pedometer I was wearing just to prove my family didn't believe it when I said that my work is seriusly quite tiring at times...and worse they didn't believe me when I said I'm sure I'm walking more than the recommended 10,000 steps a day..and they were like BULLSHIT.....and so to prove my point I wore the pedometer the minute I leave the house at 7.50am and when I reached home today which was 5pm....MORE THAN 10K!!!! and no I did not cheat in any ways whatsoever!!!! but crap man....I'm actually bloody hell exercising without me knowing it...but hey the more reason now to tell ppl I'm not exercising anymore!!! wasting energy only!!!!

So what else have I been up to???? guess what??!!! My paper is finally online on pubmed (is like google for researchers/scientists) !!!! You can see the big summary of it over here...Unfortunately they published online the wrong version of it!!!! there were some typo and grammatical error....ah well...hopefully they edit it before they actually print it on paper...but woo hoo me so happy!!!! finally!!!!! and now I can finally see a light at the end of the long long journey of my to just complete my thesis and then BUM BUM BUM!!!!!!! I so can't wait!!!!


may said...

I bought the Sun Herald in Woolies, wanted to get that pedometer but guess what - they said they don't stock it there!! cheh... I kena con liao! *sob*

Nicole Tan said...

may: yeah usually you have to go to newsagency to get it...i usually get it from the convenience store...and you have to go real early