Sunday, March 23

Happy Birthday Cecilia!!!

Note: hmmm averaging less than a post a week....Naughty Me!!! busy lah!!! trying to catch up on work...and too many social outings...gotta cut down already....just came back from Canberra few hours back...super dead tired

cc bday

No Cecilia's real birthday is not 21st of was actually on the 20th....and since we work at the same place, I thought I would surprise her with a slice of cake at work (since the previous day she insist she was coming in)...and of course my dead Cecilia did not come in to work on the 20th!!! grrrrrrrr luckily I only got her a slice...ended up having to eat it!!! grrrrrrr

Oh wait back to the was quite drama filled celebration I guess....with Kaka, Cecilia and I thinking we were late and rushing from our houses to Kaka's lab to Big Echo to the restaurant (all within 45 minutes!! shockers!)Cecilia initially booked the Bavarian Beer Cafe...and for god knows what reason when we went there, THE PLACE WAS CLOSED!!! no kidding...maybe because it was Good Friday...but still!! luckily we manage there was still Jackson's On George open for a decent meal (although the food took like seriusly 30 minutes to be served...)..we did keep ourself entertained by giving Cecilia her bday present: Swarovski Tinker Bell Mobile Phone Accessory

After stuffing ourself with yummy steaks, we rushed all the way to karaoke...luckily there on time....karaoke was seemingly one got really drunk drunk...we were playing dice games and Cecilia was quite a pro...even managing to get five 1's at one go...haha now this is what I call "the macau gambling queen"...but just when you think we would end the day dramaless...our karaoke session got cut short by 10 minutes...why??? because it is supposedly Good Friday and the police don't let you open after everyone had to be shoo-ed out of the vicinity....ah well...atleast we were refunded back our money...:)

Happy Birthday Cecilia!!!

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