Wednesday, March 5

In The Past One Week

Note: Bye bye $$$

long week

Been busy you know...can't update as much lately....just to give you a quick summary of what I've been up to in the past week.....

1) Went to my first ever "homosexual" play...Corpus Christi it is called..heared it was a pretty good show...truthfull speaking it wasn't too bad at all..infact I did quite enjoy it...although I have to admit I did squirm looking at the actors....and talk about feeling out of place and outcast...little or no asians at all..and I can count the number of females with my 2 hands?

2) Went to a hen's night...first ever in Sydney...see that cake?? talk about complete with hair and semen....haha if anyone ever needs to find a place that sell this sort of cakes...come ask me...muahahha...they even have boobs!!! ;P

3) 2 karaoke night out in a row...and 2 alcohol fueled night out in a row...and just one day of seriusly walking around like a dead floating zombie...not too bad eh???

4) and I came to the conclusion that I have this curse with new cars...few years back when I got a new car within months I had a burst tyre....and today?? within 1 month of getting my car I have a punctured tell this curse or just retribution???? hmmmmmm

I wonder.........


Simple American said...

What a post for me to come visit you on. 0_o

I don't want any of that cake for my birthday. No way. The boobs would be nice too. How do they make the n... Whoa! I better stop.

karaoke sounds fun.

Hope you are doing well. Sorry I am such a stranger lately.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: welcome back..that is alright I understand I'm super busy too lately haven't had time to go blog hopping...haha if you come to sydney on your bday I'll get you the boobs cake then...:D

Sweetpea said...

oo wow! i like the cake :)