Tuesday, March 11

My Sister Go To Hong Kong And She Only Bought Me....

Note: You would never imagined how many threats/phone calls/name callings I received over the past few weeks just to put this post up.....


Ok I am FORCED to put this post up by my sister who happened to be extremely jealous when she saw the post i put up a few weeks ago...so here is the post after a long delay...just because i needed to compile everything and take picture (and also going through the list carefully as to not miss anything out or not seriusly I'll be getting screaming phone calls tmr morning)

So anyways just a quick run through of what I got....

1) most importantly she got my concert DVDs (and guess what is not pirated!)....my Leo Ku concert (so nice I tell you)...then she got the Eason Chen (which incidentally is coming to give a concert in Sydney in 2 weeks time and I think I will just save my 70 bucks and not go and watch the DVD)...Jay Chou concert wasn't too bad either...wooo and I have 2 Alex Fong CDs..and 2 new jap drama....ah well that would take me a while to go through

2) Lip Gloss from Clinique....yes a whole entire set...because you would never know what I feel like wearing...:)

3) Cooking Stuffs...the sushi makers are so cool..make life so much easier and the sushi is so much more nicer!!! and cute cookie cups...woo hooo

4) Sun Block Lotion..because she keep insisting Clarins one ze best!

5) Cute House Slippers (for when I move house) and a nice pair of shoes (not too hiao)

6) and last but not least 100 sheets of facial mask....just because is cheap there and way over priced here....

Yes super short summary because I want to go shower and use the facial mask now...muahahaha

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