Sunday, March 30

Why Did I Leave My Work To The Last Minute?

Note: 26 more days till my holiday!!! muahahha Malaysia here I come!!!

Short post...suppose to be doing my presentation slide for the STUPID monday morning meeting....and as usual i'm procrastinating....can't help it..I realise I only like maybe 4 new results to show??? that would mean like 1 new result a week...crap....this is what I get for sitting down on my butt the whole entire 2 weeks just concentrating on writing...and how far have i went with my writing??!!! I don't even want to talk about it!! I'm currently praying for a few miracles to happen now......

1) my inbox would light up with a new email from my boss to say the meeting is cancelled!!! FAT HOPE!

2) I suddenly have diarrhoea/sick/headache or one of those so I can call in a sickie....but FAT HOPE too

3) my mum/bro/sis needs me for something urgently tmr....but then if those emergency comes up sounds kinda I guess that is a FAT HOPE too...

4) my computer blowing up!!! urmmmm come to think of it...maybe not...I can't live without my computer....hai

Ok I guess I should get back to work..9pm now...and I still have to scan/take a pic of my results to put in powerpoint....crap crap crap....I just want to sleep!!!!

wooo on a more hiao side....I finally cut/style/curled my hair of it??? when me free ok??? I really need to go do the stupid presentation.....

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