Thursday, April 17

Mary & Cecilia Birthday Bash

Note: I have this feeling Ning is going to come after me with the evil look once he see this post....:)

mary and cc bday dinnerclubbing at tank

Due to extreme busy schedule, we decided to have a late bday celebration for Cecilia and an early birthday celebration for Mary time...and double the fun...:) unfortunately the bash had to be on the day I moved yup I was a bit zoned out (not to mention extremely hungry!)...I had to suck up to Jeff for one week just so he would be the designated driver so I don't need to worry about usual our dear Cecilia was the latest to arrive (I think 30 minutes after supposed meeting time?) about making an entrance

Dinner was at Belgian Beer Cafe...most of us ordered their famous yummy....however there are some people who refuse to follow the crowd and ordered different dishes *cough* Vivian *cough* Jeff (although the belgian sausages Jeff had was quite yummy too...)

After the extremely long dinner, half of us decided to follow the plan for the night which was to go clubbing while some of us decided to ditch and fly aeroplane....hai...ended up only Cecilia, Mary, Simon, Sian, Jeff and I who went clubbing...luckily Jimmy was there with a few other ppl...clubbing was fun I have to say (after so many years of not going)...and going back to Tank did bring back some fond memories (and unpleasant ones)....but all was good...and Cecilia and Jimmy looked so cute dancing on the stage with the pole...forgot to take picture of those....darn!!! and supposed 4 girls were "eye-ing" Jeff the whole night....guess I miss that too...darn!!! ...and I even miss the part where Simon went up to the stage and dance with Jimmy...darn!!!didn't club very long this time...left before midnight....after a long day of moving...I have another long day the next about a busy weekend....


Simple American said...

Happy Birthday ladies.

You sound like me. Always missing the excitement at these kind of things. I look left and the event happens on the right. haha

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: I know...and the worst part i found out about it 2 days later...arghhhhh not fair not fair!