Sunday, April 6

Welcome Home Dad

Note: It is going to be a looonnnnnggggg week ahead....packing, moving house, writing and a wedding...and my boss is away for a week....I should be slacking!!!!!

first class bullshit

After let me see 7 years of not living in the same house with my dad, my dad has finally decided to retire from his job and come to Sydney to live....and I have to say THANK GOD!!!!!!!! finally I think my mum needs brother definately needs a "male" figure...and most importantly time to brainwash my dad back to normal and forget India (not that I have anything against it!!!)....for eg

1) Indian slang: my dad kinda picked up some indian slang with his 5 years there...and he is even shaking his head at times when he speaks!!!! need to try and get rid of it....can't stand it!!!!!!!!

2) Indian smell: seriusly everytime my dad comes back to Sydney for a holiday, everything of his smells indian!!!! from the luggage to clothes...usually takes my mum a few days of washing and airing to get rid of the smell...infact holding that booklet shown above has the smell too...going to burn it once I finish writing this post.....

3) "Everything in India Is Cheap" mentality: everytime my dad comes back..he would bring back some stuffs from india....from "cheap watches" to jewelry...I know my dad is lovely and means well..and I do like the watch he bought...but jewelry??? my ear hole almost bled from trying to poke the earring through!!!!!!! now I just display the stuffs without wearing them...:) but shhhh don't tell my dad that!!

4) Indian "bullshit": the latest thing my dad asked me to shown class bullshit!!!! like alright ok I admit in my line of work and since my whole PHD is on cardiovascular obvious the booklet above is more bullshit than anything else...and my dad is asking me my thoughts on it....hai seriusly need to educate my dad and get rid of the "do you know in India........" crap

ok ok maybe I should stop here...India is not such a bad place...really....after all I've been there...



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