Tuesday, April 1

Which Is Better?

Note: Talk about dedication to my blog...I "ponteng" half day of work today and I used approximately 30 minutes of it to write a post....:)


After months of waiting for my hair to grow long again, the time has finally come to go and have a hair cut!!!! yup after that drastic short haircut I got almost a year ago, I sort of got sick of short hair and want back my long hair...such a horrible process!!!! for months I swore to god my hair felt more like a broom than a hair...it was growing like a bush and combing it every morning just became such a chore to the point I rather just tie my hair up all the time.....

There are 2 pictures shown this time...one was because I was kinda backside itchy before my cutting hair day and decided to play with the hair straightener at home... :) I thought it turned out kinda well....but hmmm straightening my hair every morning is seriusly a big no no to me....

So since I'm going back to KL in 24 days time (hint hint), it is just about time to get a good hair cut..and after close to 5 hours at the hair dresser doing every god damn thing possible in there (ok that was quite exagerated..it wasn't like i got hair extensions or bleached my hair), I finally came out with my curly hair back!!!!! :D I'm happy once again..although I really can't decide whether I look better in straight or curly.....ah well.....I know I'm kind hard to please...:)

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