Saturday, May 24

Holiday Update/Summary

Note: I'm back!!! but seriusly kinda stressed up with work....had to finish up my poster presentations for the conference in 2 weeks time, finish up a review paper, start another review paper, finish up experiments, write thesis etc......where where where am I going to be able to fit in watching all the DVDs I brought back (if you think I'm behind on my blog posts, I still haven't finish the DVDs I got since last year!!!!)


After one month of absolute no work (wait maybe 1 day out of the one month I shockingly did do work), I'm as usual in my depression mode....but no complains this time...I throughly enjoyed my time and I have to say it was really one whole entire month in Malaysia....absolutely well spent!!!!!

Main reason why I went back would be because of the weddings!!! of course I can't miss my own cousin wedding right??? (actually I have missed a lot...but Denise is special ok!!!!) yes my close cousin is now married and I can now call Jason my "piew jie fu" (cousin-in-law)..I can see him cringing everytime I call him that now...haha......and not to forget my great friend Ee how can miss his wedding???? even when I was hinting at missing it due to the wedding being on the same day as my cousin, I actually got an oversea call from him calling me fowl names and cursing me..... :) but hey I made it (although seriusly I really have to scold him for making me having to jump into a plane with my dress right after my cousin was so embarassing!!!!) but it was all worth to catch up with heaps of old mates...ahhhh the good times......

And if you think I would miss not going to work and my work mates for a about being so wrong......I had my lab buddies come visit me!!!! muahaha.....first I had Jeff and Lionel coming to KL for the weekend....Mary came after that for 2 weeks and talk about having a nice tour around Malaysia....and after a bit of drama (ahem as in missing flights) Cecilia and Jimmy finally came to the "Land of ConMen" (there was some issues with the Malaysian Bengs selling playstation)...ah well.....and MIKEY CAME TOO!!!! Air Asia Rocks!!!

Will update in details when I'm free...maybe after the conference???? I hope?????


Simple American said...

Nice pictures. Enjoying seeing them soooooo much.

You three cousins are all so pretty. All the boys, except Denise's mister, are crying. They better hurry up. Only two of you left. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha stop reminding me!!!! atleast i still got my sister..haha