Wednesday, June 18

Ford Fiesta ACD 60Y

Note: 2 posts in a week!!!! I'm so slacking on my thesis writing now...arghhhhh

Now that I have moved house and am driving heaps more....I think my road rage is getting from bad to worse.....but then again I think there are just heaps of incompetent drivers around....

Take for example Mr Bald Head who drives a Ford Fiesta ACD 60Y...who this morning literally just swerve into my lane at the Sydney Harbour Tunnel with no signal whatsoever..And worse of all swerve when there is obviously not enough space for him to move in making me having to jam my brake when I'm travelling at 75km/h...freaking b******!!!!! disturbing my concentration listening to my hubbie's singing!!! urghh......and this Mr Bald Head who literally thinks he is a F1 driver not only pissed me off...he pissed some other cars too..because he did the same thing to a 4WD a few minutes later...luckily no accidents happen...but hope you have diarrhoea the rest of today...stupid idiot!!!!

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