Sunday, June 15

I'm spending 30 minutes of today..........

Note: Is it better to get Rockband for PS2 or should I spend that money buy a Wii???


I know I have been missing in action for a while....and a lot of you have been constantly asking me why.....but seriusly I haven't been as free as last time...ever since I got back from my holidays about 3 weeks ago...I've been constantly on the run it all down...

First week was more to the busy getting ready my posters for the IVBM those of you who don't know it stands for International Vascular Biology Meeting.....or in layman terms...the convention of geeks where "smart" geeks attend this conference and talk about nothing else but vascular heart yes that brings me to second week where I spent my whole week in that conference...and another conference dinner (yes 2 conference in one week!) came to the point I didn't even go home!!!!! I stayed in a hotel nearby!!!! see how pathetic that is?!

Last week has been a bit more free..but I'm actually starting to write my thesis right now...yes I want to graduate from this PHD and get on with my you guess it right..this blog is going to be neglected for a tiny bit longer......but I'll try sneaking in a post here and there...esp if I have anything hiao to report...:)

And this is how I spent 30 minutes of today!!! :)

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