Thursday, July 3

Busy Rock & Rolling

Note: Decided against buying Rockband for the timebeing...too ex....span>

guitar hero

Me admit lack of post is due to busy busy playing my ds...:) I did spend time writing my thesis.....although i think I should spend more time on my thesis rather than the game...but it is so fun!!!!!

Got meself the Guitar Hero: On Tour for ds game last week..super duper fun...kinda ex though....$98 for it...and from last week till now I haven't even finish the game yet..but I think me giving up already..I can finish the easy, medium and barely the hard level...I think the expert level is just beyond me now....Game is kinda fun and you can even play the vs part with another player...either you co-op with them and finish the game or you can even duel each other and attack each other...for eg setting someone's guitar on fire or cutting their guitar string...:) fun fun been playing a lot with Zam...haha make that me trashing him!!! I think the practise helps.....

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