Sunday, July 20

Heng Khuen In Sydney!

Note: WYD is over....didn't get as many things done as I was hoping.....but all is a few post to update once I get pictures from Jeff (hint hint)......dreading to go back to work though!!! arghh....ooh and parents bought a new family car today....Toyota Rav4...can't wait to get my hands on it..but don't worry my darling are still ze best!!!!

heng khuen

After let me see 3 years or so of "I will come to Sydney one day to visit you", Heng Khuen finally came!!!! and no it wasn't for the WYD...phewwww....or I would have maybe avoided him for a while (I'm just kidding alright)..didn't exactly know where to bring him around....after all is WYD and every single road that I usually use is closed...but luckily Heng Khuen suggested Sydney Fish first stop the good old fish market..not much change food still the same...I just love the oysters!! (and no we didn't smell like fish after that...i hope)....Heng Khuen wanted to go to the Sydney Aquarium too but I wasn't really interested...been there done that and seriusly not intention of doing that again....but in the end we decided to go to Manly Beach...after all I'm considered a north side person now so I might as well explore my territory a bit..First stop was North Head for the scenery and a bit of camwhoring...and after that Manly Beach for some chillout session and coffee break....short relaxing tour...but was good to be able to catch up/gossip with him again...

Just because I know you would be reading this Heng Khuen (a positive comment saying how nice I am, how great I was etc etc is expected off you by the way), I took the time off a lot of stuffs just to update this post (and also show my hiao pics and your glamour shots a bit)...nice right me??? :D oh and please email me your email address so I can send the link of the pictures to you!!! lazy to call/sms you...:D


Anonymous said...

Nicole Tan is the best host in the world... er, in Australia at least... er, in Sydney at least... er, in the north part of Sydney, at least. Hahaha!

Thank you very much for being a patient and generous host and fellow camwhorer - it was good catching up with you, although I still smell of fish!

Once again, I am going to reiterate how good you are with Photoshop - make me look glamour only!

Could you please send me the photos at

Nicole rocks! (No, she didn't pay me $50 to say this.)

(It was actually $100.)

Thanks again! :)

Nicole Tan said...

Heng Khuen: Wow that 100 dollars was worth it!!! Come back to Sydney more lah ok??? lazy go down melbourne