Saturday, July 12

Kaiseki Cooking Class @ Kei's Kitchen, Chatswood

Note: World Youth Day is fast approaching..and I'm cursing every part/side/up/down of it......except of course the part where I'm using the word W.Y.D to get days off work....:)

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After months of waiting, Cecilia and I finally manage to get a spot to go for the Kaiseki Cooking Class offered by Kei's Kitchen. Kaiseki is actually a tradional japanese multi course meal and since I love to eat...and sometimes cook....we thought we would give their winter menu a go. Kei's Kitchen by the way is a privately own thing and is ran by Kei and her daughter Masako at their home in Chatswood. Each class only accomodates a maximum of eight people and spots are kinda hard to get...infact Cecilia and I waited since beginning of the year for a spot....

In Kaiseki meal (after I wiki-ed it) consist of usually 9 course. But in this cooking class we learnt 7 (which is not too bad although more would have been welcomed). Since we were so busy cooking differently and coorperatively, I've decided to list the dishes down as according to the order they are suppose to be consumed. Sakizuke (The Appetizer) we had was soy milk tofu. I find this extremely yummy and it is very healthy (yes nicole is actually being healthy)....After the sakizuke, there is the Wanmono (seasonal broth) which consisted of chicken balls with grated sweet turnip and lemon. This I found 2nd best of was warm, the chicken was tender, and the broth was just heavenly (food for thought: the broth is decorated in such a way to resemble broth) was the Mukozuke (cold dish/sashimi) and we had tataki style tuna with sesame sauce...I found the sesame sauce very flavoursome and strong but it really went well with the tuna. Our Yakimono (grilled dish) was ocean perch marinated in saikyo miso and grilled shallot and this I have to say was the best of all!!!! and it not because I was the one who was watching out for it, but the fish was seriusly so tasty and it was cooked extremely perfectly (by me..hehe)....after the yakimono we are suppose to have the Takiawase (simmered dish) and we cooked Hiryuuzu (fried and simmered tofu balls with prawn and vegetables)...this was really good too...full of flavour due to the simmering...definately a must do on my dinner table soon...the Sunomono (pickled dish) we had was red and white pickled like this the least...but as usual I'm just biased because I don't eat veggies...:)..the last dish was Gohan (final rice) and since it was winter we had steamed sushi..and owww the rice...perfect!!!


may said...

ooooh yum!! can send me the recipe for fried & simmered tofu balls with prawn and vege? easy to make ah? looks dem delicious. really wan, send me recipe and cooking instructions! :-)

Nicole Tan said...

may: that one the process is just a bit long...but very simple to make..and it was really quite yummy!!!! what is your email add? I'll send it to you