Thursday, July 31

Sausage Fever

Note: I realise I can't live without hot water...

bavarian 1bavarian 2

It started with an email forwarded to me by Jeff......$20 for half a metre long sausage with mash potato and a glass of beer at Bavarian Beer Cafe.....woooo half a metre long....50cm.....of meat!!!! of course must not waste this wonderful opportunity!!!!!

So a bunch of us made our pilgrimage for sausage heaven to the Bavarian Bier Cafe chain on O'Connell Stree in the city...truthfully speaking I don't think anyone of us actually went through the menu...we just went straight for the sausages.....and the beers!!!! Cecilia and I decided for a sweet Peach beer, Estella ordered the cherry beer, Lionel got the beer with just a hint of caramel and the girls took charge of ordering the beer for the non-able to consume alcohol Ning, Jeff and Jimmy (the mango beers were really good..thanks boys!!!)..and Jeff got the "free for designated driver" non-alcoholic beer....

The sausage was marvellous!!! perfecto!!! nice and crispy on the outside while soft and moist inside.....super duper good!!!! infact some of us were contemplating on going for seconds....while one of us (thou shall not be named) did not even finish her sausages!!!!! (hmph!) but no we didn't go for seconds....we ordered desserts instead....Lionel got the cheese platter (consist of 3 different cheese with crackers and bread).....weird...just not used to seeing cheese being consumed for dessert.....not used to the idea.....but every culture is different I guess.....the rest of us shared 2 servings of the dessert mix platter consisting of apple strudel, sticky date pudding and bread and butter pudding...with one small little cup of vanilla icecream....I have to say this was one of the most satisfying dinner for a while....maybe I should come here once a month????

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