Tuesday, July 29

A "Smelly" Affair

Note: Can't wait till tmr....Having the Bavarian Bier Cafe half a metre long sausage for dinner tmr...mmmm


Went out for dinner last week for Edwin's birthday and manage to taste the beautiful durian sticky rice of Chat Thai in the city...the taste of the fresh durian....make me feel like just driving to the city now and ordering another plate!!!

I think I'm just a typical Malaysian.....love love love durians!!!! last trip I went back I think I went just a little bit nuts on the durians!! I was averaging like twice a week eating durian/durian made products!!! there was the trips looking for the durians in PJ, KL, Penang and Langkawi, and once found standing by the roadside just munching on it.......then there was that special durian place my lovely cousins brought me to at PJ New Town for a go at the durian bomb and the durian tart....arghh missing KL so much now!

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