Monday, July 7

Super Big Bully: BOSS3

Note: See more post now!!!! I'm lack of motivation to work


Ever since I decided to put up a label for idiotic drivers of Sydney, I realised I'm meeting less on the road...Until today that was....but then again is not an idiotic car a bloody freaking truck!!! and can I say a huge truck that was like super long and big...and bloody freaking noisy to the point i swear to god the bloody driver must be deaf....

So what did BOSS3 (yes that truck got its own customized plate number) do that pissed Nicole off??? Main offence would be making so much bloody noise it was disturbing me listening to my song!!!! Urghhh.....and it was bloody hell in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel going super fast and taking up other lanes...damn bloody dangerous ok!!!! and because it is big it started to swerve here and there and break all the bloody white lines on the road just so it can go faster....luckily no accidents occured..but then is just because it was so big that everybody was avoiding it like crazy....

But seriusly does anyone in Sydney know what number to call to complain about big trucks like this??? Big trucks like that should be banned from the bloody dangerous

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