Tuesday, August 26

231 Cupcakes Galore

Note: Sorry for the MIA....been busy..job intervies, thesis, presentations....so happy everything is over...well except the thesis anyway....but yeh I got a job!!!! Plan B is successful!!! :D


I think it was a month ago when Heng Khuen came and we were at Manly looking at this cupcakes from one of the stalls around...then I was like "Hmmm I'm sure I can make 100 different kinds of cupcake" So after weeks of delay......and seeing Heidi seems to be so free....I've decided to recruit her and my brother for my 100 cupcake challenge

So how in the world did we ended up with 231 instead of 100????

Have I ever told you guys I suck at estimating??? :)

Baking the cupcakes was a simple enough thing..30 minutes and we have 231 cupcakes ready for decoration....I have to say sitting down on a table and decorating and chatting was actually quite fun!! but thinking of 231 different type was so difficult!!!!!!!!! but atleast I used a bit to spell out my blog address...:D:D *happyz* me seriusly slept with a big grin on my face!!! Cool shit right the cupcakes??? :D


mellowdramatic said...

Dear Nicole/Heidi/Jonathan,

Oh. My. Gawd. I did not believe that Nicole would even make ten cupcakes. One hundred would have been an achievement.

But 231? Now you're just showing off! Hahahaha!

Nicole, thank you for being faithful to your promise of making the cupcakes. Now if you'll send all of them to me, my address is 3/51....

Two thumbs way way up for all your efforts, guys! You've put a great big smile on my face... although I don't know how you're going to finish eating it!

Good job on the Malaysian flag! And Heidi, yes... This does suck sh*t! Hahaha!

You guys are way too cool!

(P.S. Do I see an FCUK one!)

mellowdramatic said...

P.S. Nicole, I'm going to steal the pictures and put it on my blog. I don't care! Hahahaha!

Denise said...

Cannot imagine Jon doing the baking... why don't have his pic for being baker of the day?

Cannot believe you make 231 different design for toppings, the how thing layout on the table was like a huge wrapping paper found it store... never thought it was real until now... hahaha~ good job cuz... but when can I receive my share?

Nicole Tan said...

mellowdramatic: you thought i couldn't make 10?? cheap!! i'm nicole tan ok!!! i can do anything!!!! i think..hehe..glad you are smiling there...and trust me the cupcakes are almost gone..been bringing it into work..:) and you acutally recognise hte malaysian flag!! haha so good...and yes it is FCUK...haha and of course I'm cool...I'm after all the Nicole tan!

ps: I like my picture on your blog!!!!

Denise: Jon's pic came out so ugly and blur did not meet QC to come to my blog...all i can say is luckily i got big enuff table to do all these!!! share?? haha come to sydney!!!!

mellowdramatic said...

I burst out laughing at your ps: I like my picture on your blog!!

Hahahaha! Seriously, the award for the least self-confident person in the world does NOT go to Nicole Tan Yu Yuin!

Celakas! Finish all the cupcakes already... Hmmph... now you have to make 1001 cupcakes and send it to all your blogreaders! Hahahaha!

Nicole Tan said...

mellowdramatic: haha well I thought you knew I loved myself THAT MUCH!!! haha dun lah simply call me celaka here and there...1001 cupcakes??? I'm not taking up that challenge!!! unless of course I can make 1001 of the same kind..because seriusly after 100 I realised I'm not an artist at all!

crappy booze said...

Hey! hey! How many of them made by you?

From the pics, all of them looks so siweeet! Reminds me of the local creative cuppacakes baker; Wondermilks - http://cuppacakes.blogspot.com/

Maybe you can do some personalise cuppacakes in Syd... :)

Nicole Tan said...

crappy booze: how many ah? quite a lot lah....i would say most of it was done by Heidi and me..my brother was too busy eating..haha...personalised cupcakes???? no thanks!!! too much work for a pig like me!

case_in_point said...

they look gorgeous! *drools*

i've never baked anything before...this is a grand achievement lol

Nicole Tan said...

case_in_point: I'm sure you can cook..so baking is simple!! and making those cupcakes was simple...is the decorating part that was difficult! and you've got to be way better than me in the art department..I literally failed arts in school!