Friday, August 29

Food Hopping Ceremony #2

Note: Watch the video below for the supposed "Urinal Etiquette" food hopping 2 Remember a few months back when me and 3 other friends decided to go on a food hopping thingy?? We finally manage to meet up again and went for the 2nd round!!! wooo hoo.....and this time we recruited more people for this fun fun fun event.....first of we have Zamil (aka Haji "Handsome") and Jody (as long as she is not referred to as Mrs Fong you are in her good books) :) First stop for the night was Ayam Goreng 99..why this place? the food is good...chicken is big...and is cheap!!!! one chicken (either breast or thigh) for $5.50 plus a plate of rice $1.50 (plain) or $3 (coconut rice).....I got the ayam bakar (BBQ chicken)...maybe I should not have ordered a plate of rice for myself...:)

Second stop was Arthur's Pizza....we just love this place!!! pizza is greasy, unhealthy but yet so good!!! The Australian is what I would recommend...that extra egg on top just makes it so yummy!!!!! I didn't eat that this time...but Jacinta and Jody shared one since they weren't at Ayam Goreng and they were hungry!!!! Zamil, Thuan, Su Yin and I got a large Marinara to share since we didn't want meat (majority ruled so what can I say?) and veggies (haha is a give and take situation)...still good...the cheese was excellent!!!!!!! We met Cecilia and Jimmy too here so that would explain an additional photo..:)

Third stop and last stop of the day was Sugar Plum Cafe for icecream....we did have a 4th stop in mind but by the time we were done with Sugar Plum it was already 10pm and all of us had plans the next day...ah well....and it is good to finish the night off with dessert!!! Below is a video from Sugar Plum..don't ask why we talk about these sort of things during meal time...the conversation we had at Arthur's Pizza was way worse!!!!


crappy booze said...

Wah! The ayam goreng 99 do looks superb! Super huge!

Nicole Tan said...

crappy booze: yeah yeah super big!!! you've been before?

Simple American said...

I wanna be a food hopper too.

Nice to hear your voice too.

Urinal rules. haha. Going to the men's restroom is like visiting a funeral home. You don't talk to anyone (except your kids. Friends don't chat with friends), you don't bump anyone, you don't look at anyone, and you don't even look at yourself and you pray to god you don't miss or get back splash.

Girls have much more fun in the loo. You go in groups. You go in chatting and leave smiling. Thats it. I'm using the woman's restroom from now on.

Sure have missed your smile. Glad you are still looing cheery. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha yeah I think girls have more fun in toilets..we talk, we gossip!!! no like guys...sounds so uptight there!!! but be careful if you are thinking of using the woman's restroom!!!! glad to see you back here!!!

case_in_point said...

ayamgoren 99 looks good! i have to get there.

and such a small world. i've actually met jody and jacinta :P

Nicole Tan said...

case_in_point: definately!! just be aware that is closed on monday and tuesday!!

that is cool!! we have mutual friends!!! such a small small world!