Friday, September 26

Business Card

Note: My birthday is not for another 2 weeks...but my family wants to celebrate it this week because they got plans next few weeks..I feel so unloved!

DSC01745 copy

Was given a 2 whole boxes of my business card today...feel kinda old now.....first time got business card to hand out....unfortunately look so corporate and serius!!!! i want those cute business cards!!!!!


mellowdramatic said...

The cards should have read Nicole Tan - Warrior Princess.

Nicole Tan said...

choi your head warrior princess...what you think me am??? goddess mah atleast :)

crappy booze said...

Ahem, please don't mind my ignorance....actually, what does a 'science writer - marketing associate' do?

writing science stuff for marketing? lol. sorry.

Nicole Tan said...

crappy booze: good question..i'm still lost! but something like that loh...try to write to help market stuffs..haha