Wednesday, September 17


Note: Since I haven't got much time to blog and I didn't bring home any work today, thought I would just compile the past few weeks happenings all in one post (in no particular order)....with pictures too!!! just to satisfy some people....*I wonder who?*

1. Throwing Away Old Job And Landing A New Job! Got myself a job! yes yes finally...I'm officially a Science Writer & Marketing Associate..working part-time though for the moment (one day a week...i know i'm so slack).....but is until November...when I'm suppose to start yes big big big deadline for my thesis..hence total lack of blog post....but after my thesis I should be way free...after all I manage to score a proper 9-5 job!!!! trust me there is no such thing as OT in this place..happy!!!!! but kinda sad..tmr is my last day as the Radiation yes all the radiation stuffs in UNSW WW Building has nothing to do with me anymore!!! muahahaha so yes now is the time when major stuff-ups can occur....just don't tell me!!! :D

DSC01684 copy
2. My Snails.. got some new snails to help clean my fish tank....but the fish tank still requires me to clean it while my snails seems to be having a go at each other....hmph!

DSC01721 copy
3. Mummy's Bday!!!! : Don't u guys think my parents look so sweet?????

049-with-mabel copy
4. The Lucky Mabel!!! since I know you read my blog (or should be), thought I'll be nice and wish you Bon vayage and don't forget to get me nice presents from UK yar!!!! expensive ones too!!!! I MEAN IT!!!!! see you again say in a year or 2 lah..see if me senang come to UK come cari you...

5. Best In Singapore, JB & Batam Found the complete series of Phua Chu Kang online (most of it on YouTube...and some at Crunchyroll).....very entertaining!!!! make me feel kinda homesick though....haha been degrading some brain cells while writing my thesis..but then again even without watching it my IQ level seem to have been going downhill really fast thanks to a certain someone in my lab who successfully made me speechless for once...(due to mor-lai-ness)

DSC01695 copy
6. ShiSha..Lebanon & Beyond at Randwick....Good lebanese food...quite cheap if go in a group...and unlimited breads....hope to update about the place soon...but the shisha ain't too good I have to does not taste like apple...tasted kinda like star anise or cinnamon...basically not that good....

DSC01728 copyDSC01729 copy
7. Kaki Lima CafeLocated in Kingsford, owned by Malaysians Malay...authentic nasi lemak.....quite ok kuih-muih (the onde onde and the kuih seri muka was good)...and MY GOD THEY HAVE BANDUNG(a mix of rose syrup and condense milk...aka diabetes heaven)!!! *Definately in Nicole's good book!!!

8. New Members to The Tan Clan Thanks to Joyce we have 4 cows at home..I can't remember the names but I know there is a Moo-Moo and a Su-Su (malay word for milk) might think it is a waste....but the smart old me found good use of it for........
DSC01733 copy
Location: Jonathan's Room :)
p/s Dear Joyce: I think I need atleast 1 more cow to put Jonathan under cow arrest..please please please?

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