Sunday, September 7

Endure Endure Endure

Note: I'm seriusly so bored of writing!!! Starting my part-time work this Friday!! Can't wait!!!

After I'm Done With My PHD:

1) I'm deleting everything ever to do with research from my computer!! I'll throw away all the papers, get rid of all the results, remove all those PCR/Western Images.........ok ok I'll burn everything to a disc first just in case...then i'll get rid of it!! I'm GOING TO START A NEW LIFE!!!

2) I'm watching tv day in and day out...and catching up on the dramas!!!

3) I'm going to average 10 hours sleep a day!

4) I'm going to finish the cross stitch I've been doing for 1 year and frame it up!!!!

5) I'm going to play more computer games, playstation games and DS....*watch out Jonathan I'm going to beat you!!!*

6) I'm going to plan my next holiday!! muahahha...Bangkok/KL/Taiwan here I come!!!!!

Arghhh why can't the time move faster??? Why can't someone write my thesis for me??? WHY WHY WHY?!??!!?!

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