Saturday, October 25

16 shots in 1 picture function..

Note: Next week would be my last official week in the lab before full time in the new company. Procrastinating a lot lately so decided I should atleast spend some time on my poor old neglected blog.....Be warned though this post is quite full on....of me, velverse and a tiny bit of Denise :)

The day was 2nd July 2007 when velverse discovered this awesome feature on her Nikon camera...16 multiple shots in 1 function....OMG it was so bloody cool!!! and you know me and cuz lah.....absolutely in love with ourselves...:D decided to compile some of the nicer looking ones because I was inspired by cuz lovey dovey post with Deon which in turn was inspired by my previous post of my DS..see how much inspiration we give one another??? :)

These first attempts by velverse and me were when we got bored waiting in line at Ocean Park for some ride which I forgot what....(that was how we were keeping ourselves entertained)

v first try

first try

As you can see there are some blurred pictures....hey it wasn't easy ok!!!! try thinking of 16 different poses in less than a few seconds!!! and not just the thinking part the execution have to be dead perfect with the camera snapping too!!!! My brain can multi-task but not that quick!!!!

The next 2 shots were taken while waiting at Macau Airport for our flight back to KL....I think the shot of Denise was actually impromptu but we were asking her smile smile smile....:) I think this has got to be the most Denise ever smiled all at once...haha (with the exception of her wedding of course)

v second try

denise try

I think of all the 16 shots in 1 we took, the shots below have got to be the best velverse and I ever achieved...some blurred ones but atleast we look good in the not so blur ones...I think....:)

the best

velverse best


And after 1 year gap of not practising......I think I just got way worse....definately need to practise!!!! Ah well there is always next year....:)

need more practise

Hmmmmm come to think of it I put 8 pictures here with 16 different shots...OMG that is like record for me blog...haha 16x8 (I'm not bothered to use my brain or find a calculator for what is the answer) pictures in one post!!!!


magicstar80 said...

haha did you use your camera burst shots? :P

mellowdramatic said...

Dear Nicole, happy to be your human calculator... all my years of Shi Feng Shou must count for something... wait... let me pull out my abacus!

One hundred and twenty eight photos of camwhoring... I think we need to call the Guinness Book of Records, or something!

Nicole Tan said...

jody: no lah dunno what function but it was multiple shot something lah...but it comes out as one image file not no need to compile

mellowdramatic: what the?! you still own an abacus?!!! a little bit ancient ain't it? haha wooo 128 camwhoring pictures? wow KENG!!! i'm so amazed at myself sometimes!!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi nicole! im sry to drop & run like this. but there are still so many blogs to visit. so i am gonna make this quick!

i've just purchased my own domain! please change my url in yr blog to In short, please omit the .blogspot from my old url!

thanks! Hv a great weekend! :)