Sunday, October 19

Alan In Sydney

Note: ok 2 post in a day..and is just because I can't stand the ham sap looking picture coming right at my face when I open my blog!!! (see below)


Two days back when I thought it would be a boring Friday bumming at home, suddenly got a call from Alan whom I've known since my IMU days long long time ago....I think the last time I saw his was like 2 years ago back in KL??.....his parents were visiting him from Msia and he brought them all the way from Brisbane to Sydney....and i was like you come to Sydney only call me??? shouldn't it be before you come to Sydney???? well it is better than the last time when he called me few hours before he boarded the plane from Sydney....:)

So there goes my bumming plans......went to city and met up with Alan and his parents...couldn't really recognise his parents since I only saw them once or twice last time (although I did stay at bunk at his place once)...and the only memories I have of his parents was that of his mum whacking his dog (which incidentally was named Nicole) for being naughty (yeah one of those moments I wish my name was not Nicole).....went to Lindt Cafe since Alan insisted on going there....after that just brought them around the city and walk around Circular Quay.....hey I couldn't think of where else to bring them at night ma!!!!! but it was good seeing that Alan is still the same old...atleast he lost some of the "english" accent though he seems to be picking up the "australian" accent...haha and yes he is still as "fai cai" as last time... ;)


mellowdramatic said...

Wow, Yan Choon Kit! Haven't seen his pics for awhile! Good to see the Fai Cai ness is still alive and kicking!

Lindt cafe - I went there too when I was in Sydney! So nice (and so overrated!) :)

Nicole Tan said...

mellowdramatic: haha yan choong kit...that was the first thing I called him when I saw him...haha...and yes he still seriusly so fai front of his parents some is nice..but definately overated...but now got guylian cafe also..need to go one come sydney lah we go