Wednesday, October 8

Car's new Mascot

Stuck in jam. Decided to try if i can publish a post from my phone. If i can i think is going to be awesome! :-D

Anyways the new mascot is named Rockzy....reason being I have no idea why...but hey is my birthday present from absolute darling brother Jonathan!! thanks dear...xoxoxo...decided to put it in the car because it is so soft and cuddly and so hug-able!!!!

Post Editing: I'm home and realise if I post from my phone the style everything is all different...hmmm but it is still freaking awesome!!!


crappy booze said...

hey! both hands on the steering now! and don't do this again in the future!

Hence, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you again!

Nicole Tan said...

crappy booze: aiks got caught by brian kor some more...craps..hehe thanks!