Wednesday, October 29

My poor darling brother

Note: Posted from phone.

Remember few weeks back when i was homebound and slave to the brat who dislocated his knee? Well after 3 weeks or so of examination, scans, and doctors, it was finally decided he needed surgery. The poor old dear has officially become the first one among his siblings to undergo surgery (hey atleast now he can brag to everyone he did something his sisters haven't ;-))

Surgery was suppose to be at 9am. But thanks to the lovely australia hospital system his surgery only started at 3pm. And this by the way is a private hospital and not public! Pity the poor boy who didn't have anything to eat since the night before. But anyways he is alright now. Still a bit groggy but awake atleast. And he said to me "i love you" make me so happy only. Love you too dear and wait for me to drink those sugar loaded bird nest ok? You can't possibly finish 6 bottles ok!


[m @ b 3 L] said...

You NICOLE TAN, dont always BULLY him ok!!! Must LOVE HIM KAU KAU! hahahahah!!!

crappy booze said...

send my get 'well wishes' to him..

Nicole Tan said...

mabel: what me bully him?! he is making me his slave now ok!!! i should be the one you pity not him!!!! and he is my darling not yours!! now shoo!

crappy booze: no worries..He reads my blog....i'm sure he will see it!

Denise said...

Nicole, you sure you are the slave ah? I heard you still bully him to do work for you woh... even in crutches... poor little fella... surrounded and abuse by females at the same time.. hahaha~

Nicole Tan said...

denise: wait a minute what did i ask him to do?! he simply accusing me now??? urghhh....some more the other day tell my parents i never feed him lunch...when he had like one whole bowl if mee goreng with 5 nuggets and an egg...urghhh..he is so dead!