Saturday, October 11

Sweet Pink Birthday!

Note: Thanks so much everyone for the bday wishes and for being such a great sports dressing in pink....and thanx to those back in Msia too!! but seriusly remember Msia and Sydney 3 hours difference!!! And my darling cuz bday post for me on her blog......make me close to tears already!!!!

sugar hit birthday1sugar hit birthday2

Yes it is the time of the year again when i can't help but feel old....this year though have to say didn't really want to celebrate since I got so much on my plate...then I heard about my birthday present...and i was like urmmmm ok that does it i'm celebrating because I want the presents!! haha i know I'm bloody cheap lately!!

Decided since I really need to write thesis and can't afford so much timeouts and it is the good food month in Sydney so why not celebrate by going for one of those yummy, fattening, sugar loaded Sugar Hit!!!! And anyways it is only $20 for like 3 desserts and a wine...mmmmm..and being the no fruit/veggie diet me, I had to choose the one with no fruits and all chocalate place!! :D (although think about it how can anyone resist white chocalate cheesecake??) Anyways decided on Sofitel Wentworth Hotel....the verdict??? heaps better than the Intercontinental last year!! although the presentation wasn't as WOW, but trust me it tasted great!!! personally I loved the white chocalate cheesecake (and so did Deasy because we both had 2 helpings of it since some ppl didn't like it...we can't let cheesecake go to waste now can we?)....the Chocolate Macaronade was perfect soft and glueey....for me the Chocolate Assiette (chocolate mousse) was less tasty for still taste great but well I was hoping for something sweeter...personal preference here....the Brown Brothers Muscat was excellent...but that is also because it is bloody sweet and I'm a sucker for sweet stuffs...the Hennessy VSOP Cognac was super strong and bitter...absolutely not my cup of tea..

And if you guys are wondering what was with the pink...dunno..the day before my bday I suddenly decided to have a dress code since it is MY DAY!!! haha....I have to say I've got some seriusly sporting friends (with someone purposely going out to buy a bright pink shirt for the occassion)!!! love you guys! muax muax!!!! Enjoyed myself heaps...and the presents?? haha love them all!!!!

Holga Camera, cookbooks and baking utensils....absolutely useful stuffs!! :D and the cupcake god the cupcakes there are shocking!! but so freaking cool...just have to wait after my PHD....and of course my Starting Work Package from my darling sister Joyce and Ricky....thanx for proving I've been an absolute slacker when comes to fashion and cosmectic sense...and now can someone please teach me how to use a mascara?????

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