Monday, November 24

BlingBling Mission #1

Note: Feeling kinda crappy today....someone at my new work place got fired...kinda feel weird....I guess there is seriusly no security in what I'm doing maybe?? Am I even making the right choice to get out of research which I am so comfartable in and is hell a lot more secure????

bling 1

Inspired by a show I was watching, I am adamant about blinging up a small keychain shoe and a matching pair of shoes for myself....but before I get to that stage I obviously need the practise first....not to mention more blingblings from dearie cuz!!!!

But since Morning Glory was selling the stuffs I might need super cheap...and it is Jeff's bday....(and I know he doesn't read this blog...or so I hope....)..the bunch of us are planning to buy him a pair of orange shoes...and I saw like this super cute mobile phone orange shoe decided might as well get it for him...AND NO I HAVE NO INTENTION OF BLINGING UP HIS BDAY SHOES!!!!!!!

First attempt I'll rate myself average...haha when I have time I'll show you the 2nd shoe I made for cuzzie dearie...that I rate it 5/5..haha super hiao!!!! but this one since for Jeff decided to make it less hiao???? haha (although now kinda regret!!!!)

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