Tuesday, November 25

BlingBling Mission #2

Note: Is it me or when I have seriusly not much free time, out comes like a bunch of new game for DS?!!! Now playing Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Spot, Guitar Heroes On Tour Decades, What's Cooking Jamie Oliver?, Cake Mania 2 and Lego Batman.....forgive me if i'm not online as often!

for velverse

After practising for the guinea pig, straight jump on to blinging up my next project...for cuzzie velverse!!!! yes dear going to be sending you a package soon...need to think of more stuffs to fill in it!!!! so far only half full!!!! me running out of ideas!! you want anything from Sydney??!!! any ideas anybody?!

I rate this 5/5...super bling power!!!! even my mum was shaking her head...but I know deep down inside she likes it..haha....hmmm so I guess I'm prepared for my big big project on blinging up a REAL SHOE! Now if only i can find the bling stickers!!!! the ones I use for cuzzie is the one she sent to me.....why why why is it so hard to find nice ones in Sydney???!!!!!

This mission took me 1 hour in total...quite easy I have to say....because it was bigger!! and yes also went through all the stickers to super glue them....so cuzzie no worries I'm sure it would be still in one piece when you receive it.....

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