Sunday, November 9

Denise Wedding part 2

Note: Spent half a day helping sister to move....she has so much crap!!!!!!!!Definately would be sleeping like a baby tonite...

penang wedding part 1

The following day after the pre-wedding dinner at Ipoh, we all headed up north to Penang for the church wedding. Thankfully there was a one day gap in between because I don't think I could have kept my eyes open..I was practically sleeping the entire journey to Penang...all I remembered was waking up for lunch!! So after a short church rehearsal, we then went to the resort and just chill the day away....all I remembered was us sleeping really really late that night....infact i was pretty sure I only had like 3-4 hours of sleep before the big day!!!! and a big day it was because I not only have one wedding to attend...after Denise wedding I'm suppose to catch a flight back to KL for Vern's wedding!!!

Anyways we were woken up at 6am to get ready...extremely early for me!!!! luckily all that was needed for me to do was to sit on the chair and let other ppl do the work on my face and hair!!! haha....and again thanks to my dear cuz Denise for paying for it..haha...

penang wedding part 2.1penang wedding part 2.2

Church ceremony was at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Butterworth....why this place??? because it is the place where "piew jie fu" Jason got baptised and it holds a very sentimental value to is seriusly big!!! and quite grand inside I have to say compared to some of the other churches I know :)(note to Jason: see I did say nice things about your church..i seriusly can't find a picture of the exterior to put up lah!) ..and of course with such a beautiful church as a background and me looking the so nice I of course didn't mind posing for the cameras..haha...:) but I have to admit that I seriusly didn't manage to take much pictures that day...since there was a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, I thought I should atleast sit back and enjoy ma!! I have to admit though I really like Jason's touch on the wedding car, very unique...and the car was so cute!!!! especially with the Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!!!! (Denise's favourite!)

penang wedding part 3

Unlike other weddings, Jason and Denise decided on a luncheon rather than a dinner (THANK GOD!!!) at the Safira Resort (where we were staying)..if it had been a dinner I seriusly don't know which wedding to choose to go to!!!!!! and since I was not needed to take photographs, I was of course happily eating and replacing the food that I should have eaten in Ipoh!...too bad no crispy piglet skin...hai....but it was yum still...loved the prawns!!!! oh oh and I had 2 bowls of shark fin soup again..haha...and the ice-cream at the end was so damn good!!!! had like so many different flavours including red bean, melon, corn and durian...I was so happy!!!! but of course nothing beats that special acknowledgement of me from Jason in his weddding speech . so flattered!!! :)

Finally Denise and Jason wedding has for the dash to the airport in Penang island!!!! My flight is at 5pm and 3.30pm I was still at Butterworth!!!!! and for this i really need to thank Jessica (Jason's sister) and Kae Cin for driving me to the airport!!! remembered I was seriusly hyperventilating and stressed!!!


crappy booze said...

the 'purple frog car' is indeed cute...and...err..chubby?




Nicole Tan said...

crappy booze: yeah so cute right the car?? and chubby??? hmm is this relating to the velverse post on us being chubby when we were young??!!!!!