Sunday, November 16

Ee Vern's Wedding

Note: I think I'm jinxed this week...I killed my precious portable hard disk with like all the newest dramas and movies in it (All 100GB of it kapoot).... luckily I have a copy of my PHD folder in both my computers, 2 other external HD and my thumb drive...looks like from now on I have to make sure I duplicate all my dramas too!!! and I was in the middle of watching this drama!!! arghhh... and the bad luck didn't even stop there...broke my favourite hair accessory which I was planning to use for a party next month which I can't find in Aus..urghhh...

ee vern 1

After cuz Denise wedding in Penang, me had to frantically rush to the airport to catch my flight back to KL for another wedding.....what is with the 3rd of May and everyone deciding to get married on the same day??! I was actually planning to give Ee Vern's wedding a miss....but sometime in March I got a rather angry oversea call explaining how can I have the heart to miss a good friend wedding...haha...hmm that is quite a good point...afterall

- he was my carpool buddy back in IMU days (he drive I sleep...I think he drove my car more than I drove it!)

- he is my bitching buddy/yumcha buddy! (those late nights/early mornings at the mamak...crap I even remember bitching with him at 4am there!!! haha)....bitch more to him that anyone else that time ok!

- my scrabble nemesis/mahjong kaki...we actually kept record of who won the most (I think it was half half...crap I can't remember now)....remembered staying up till like 7am playing scrabble!! god we are such nerds!! Definately not my chess nemesis since I played with him twice and swear to God I'll never ever again play with national chess player!!!! (the longest I lasted was like 3 minutes?)

- crazy alcoholic days....for eg this and this

Ok so you get the gist of it and why I can't skip the to the airport I went..and tips for future crazy ppl like me....bring a bloody jacket (which I didn't so imagine me with my dress in Penang airport and how much I was stared at!) and flat footwear to run (This I did...haha since I know I will need to do a bit of running and high heels is definately not my forte!)...oh and get great friends to come and pick you up!(Thanks Hui Yee and KW for fetching me from the airport!!!)...

ee vern 2

By the time we got to the hotel it was 7.15pm...haha perfect timing!!!! dinner was suppose to start at 7.30...haha well done Nicole..perfect planning!!! hahaha (giving myself big pat on the back now!)....some more from airport to the hotel I was still frantically writing on the card, putting money in red packet, wearing the shoes, fixing myself up...:)

Got to catch up with all my old IMU buddies...finally manage to see Ingky after so many years apart....still same old fai cai guy!!!! didn't really manage to talk with Ee Vern though since he was busy and by the time he was free he was practically drunk!!! :) but then again I don't remember any guys coming out of the dinner not drunk?? afterall there was a counter serving what seems to me like unlimited Chivas (we can't expect anything less from Ee Vern now can we?)....infact most of us actually stayed back till really late and it was fun watching everyone drinking like there is no tmr!!! ;)

ee vern 3

Was a great wedding..and I'm really happy that I didn't miss it....and thanks Hui Yee and KW for fetching me from airport and even sending me all the way back home when is totally out of the way!! muaks muaks...and you know I'll definately come for your wedding no matter what!!! you are definately worth the ticket back!! oh and thanks Ingky for picking me up the next day and accompanying me go shopping and eating!!! was great catching up with you after so long!!! Though the bunch of us (Ee Vern, Hui Yee,, KW, Ingky, Cammie) manage to catch up few days later over dinner and supper....guess that was rather a short time...promise you next time I go back KL will spend more more more time with you guys alright???? and plenty of notice of course..haha :) muax!!


mellowdramatic said...

Awesome shots of the whole gang - it looked like it was a really fun night! I hope he wasn't overly drunk that night!

Ee Vern truly deserves all the happiness afforded to him - such a good friend!

The Indian dude's not Sel is it?

Nicole Tan said...

mellowdramatic: urmmmm ee vern? not overly drunk? haha first day you know him is it?? was a fun night....seriusly met up with so many ppl...yeah that b****** really deserve all the happiness...yee shean is a great gal!

and no the indian dude is not sel...anand lah