Tuesday, November 18

I love presents!!!!

Note: Woo hoo got back all me dramas!!! thanks Annie!! I love you so much!!! hehe...oh and thanks Jeff to for being the delivery boy and for being so patient waiting for me to transfer everything!! atleast it gave you a chance to bitch??? hehe

from the lab
(click on the picture to read it easier)

Well firstly I got this from my lab buddies last week....so thought I might as well put it up here since it is kinda sweet of them....they gave me a photo book (lab book) with loads of compiled pics...Thanx guys!!! and I guess I should give a bit more thanks to Jeff because I know he got the hard work of compiling everything...:) really so sweet of you guys....make me miss the lab more now!!! (urmm make that just you guys not the lab)

from cuz

And finally after months (no kidding) of waiting my parcel from velverse came...ok she said she sent me 2 and 1 for my brother....I only received one and still waiting anxiously for my other parcel to arrive now because it contains all the cds!!! (the whole collection of Sims 2!!!!) smart cousin of mine decided to seperate the package so that just incase one get confiscated the others would still be fine..haha let's pray the cds come!!! but the presents I've got so far...so cute...love the gorgeous shirts!!! Thanks p.c.i. DEON! but too bad I'm working now and can't wear it to work...ah well there is always the weekend!!!! it took me a while to figure out what was thank pink thing then I realise is shoelaces...haha....and of course my cousin knows me so well and earrings are always in the package..going to wear one tmr...so cute!! esp when it comes in a such a nice case..:) and the blings I knew was coming because I asked cousin to help me buy..wanted to bling up the converse key-ring shoe (and potentially the real converse shoe so I can have matching shoe and key-ring!)...and last but not least a surprise cupcake maker...this would seriusly be a challenge because I literally have to sew it together from cloth scraps!!! hey cuz look I made one already!!! thanx cecilia for buying a complete one for me last month..hahaThanks cuz and Deon for the lovely presents...muax muax!!!!

Jonathan actually got lucky...because he dislocated his knee and had to go for surgery he gets an extra present!!! hmph!!!!! Thanks cuz and Chan family for the present...love it so much...and Jonathan loves his too! (expect a phone call from him tmr!)



crappy booze said...

lucky you, got all your pressies in one piece (not literally ONE piece).

The key-chain shoe thingy reminds me one of the TVB dramas - cheers!

Nicole Tan said...

crappy booze: wah brian gor very smart...haha forensic heroes II to be exact...and I have all the intention of blinging that up and a real shoe too!!! haha

case_in_point said...

wow...ur friends really love u!

look at all those presents @_@!

Nicole Tan said...

case_in_point: urmm my friends only gave me one..they dun love me that much trust me....is my cuzzie that love me that much!! :) so nice to receive package from post!