Monday, November 3

A post to make joyce jealous

Note: men my brother is annoying!

I should have blogged about this earlier but was busy watching moonlight resonance. Finished the whole series in one weekend. I really should be doing something more productive like writing but stuff it. Weekend was way too good.

Oh anyways brother out of hospital and is well and kicking. Still on crutches but definately as bratty as ever. Picture taken on his hospital bed which i sharing with him. Jealous yet joyce? Got more pics later i go show you.

On another note, started full time work today. No more on msn all the time. I miss that! Miss the lab already. Oh wait just the ppl there not the work or the monday meetings. Miss the coffee session and the gossips by the corridor. Hai. Currently having lunch after shopping during lunch time. I love my phone! Can blog and eat. I'm so full of Crap.

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