Wednesday, December 3

Because ITunes is in my HATE LIST!

Note: By having one less snooze...I wake up 8 minutes earlier.....leave my house 10 minutes earlier.....reach work 15 minutes earlier than usual without speeding.....I leave work 10 minutes earlier (since me there so early).....and I wipe 20 minutes off my going home time....and reach home before 6...ok now me much happier!!!! Woo hoo

Did I tell you guys I got an Ipod Nano???? I guess not...anyways got it 2nd hand off Haji since he wanted to get rid of it...since I know it is new....I was like why not...atleast got something to entertain me at work....:)

Then came the drama.....ever since my first Ipod 4 years back I think..I've hated ITunes to the freaking max...seriusly no matter how much I try to understand it I just can't stand it...hate it hate it hate it....after I grumble and bitch I shall tell you guys how I manage to use my Ipod without ITunes (and trust me it is worth reading!! unless of course you are so in love with ITunes..but then trust me just read it!)

1) I HATE THE BLOODY SYNCHING: so if you accidentally delete something off the ITunes library then your Ipod gets affected....and if I acidentally put songs in there the Ipod gets it...then i have to go delete it...then deleting it is another bloody problem

2) ITunes is so bloody un-user friendly....and so pro-themselves!!! aka I hate the ITunes shop....hate how they try to con ppl into buying their stuffs...and all the useless things that comes with the interphase...arghhhh shit them!!!! you have to pay for games, you have to pay for music, you have to pay for album covers, you have to pay for video, or to quote my brother (who uses ITunes still) "You have to pay for everything!"

3) Is a bloody mac thingy and definately not PC thingy....I hate all macs..yeah sure they are cuter and slimmer and looks way more stylish (oh and I like their keyboard and mouse)...but once you turn the shit on.....I just hate it to the max.....I just feel like taking the oh so cute mouse and throwing it on the computer screen because it takes me heaps longer to figure anything out with a Mac....oh by the way I did fid out how to replicate the right click of a normal PC mouse on a Mac (press ctrl when you click)...I feel so proud I figured that out...took me 26 years to learn that!

4) Don't you hate it when you can't share the music on your Ipod with anyone else and you can't transfer music from someone else computer to your Ipod??!! I HATE IT...I'm cheap...I like stealing my music from my friends!!! and bloody ITunes don't support that! urgh

5) What is the point of having a video function when I still have to rely on other programs to convert the movies???


After wasting like 40 minutes googling, I found out that there are heaps of other programs out there where you can replace ITunes....but after looking at all of them and cursing the shits out of all of them...I found out that using WinAmp was so much more easier!!!!! Why?

1) there is no stupid advertisements.yes we are now no longer subjected to endless message about buy this, try this, download this crap shit

2) basically is so much more easier..takes me like 2 minutes to understand the whole thing!!! just put your songs in playlist...then just press send to ipod....and you just do this for watever music...plugging your ipod in does not lose any of the songs!!!!! since it doesn't sync with any library!!!!!! and you can even transfer the songs from your ipod to the computer!!! that is so bloody much more easier.....and save me so much more time!!!!! and not to mention atleast you can share your music with your friends!!!!

3) WinAmp has 3 windows by the way in their media window shows the artist, another window the album and another window all the selected songs...and trust me is hell a lot more easier to edit your music on WinAmp compared with ITunes....stupid ITunes...stupid Apple...stupid Mac....

4) Unfortunately winamp does not convert the movie file either...but you can find heaps of other video converters on the net for free...most of them sucks by the don't bother going to look for far I think the most reliable one is the AVS Video Converter...although is not free...well it is free in a way but they leave a nice watermark on the video that is converted...aka when you are watching your video you see their logo (I counted..the watermark comes out for 1 minute every 4 minutes) if you guys are picky about your video then just go pay for the activated version.....DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR THE CRACK FOR IT!!!! Why?? because I was trying to download the crack for it and my computer manage to catch a virus...and now I have to go send that computer for repair....ah well another stupid thing Nicole does.....I'm so going back to Msia and find the full version CD of it!!!!! but for the time being I'm still happy being able to watch my drama anywhere now..haha....

And of course there are downside of using WinAmp and not my brother say you can't put album cover on the Ipod...(but then seriusly do i look like I not like I stare at my Ipod when I listen to it!).....and you can't use their Genius function that helps find songs that sound similar to the song you are listening to (but again...if i dun like a song I just press shuffle!!! damn it!)

so yes in your face stupid ITunes....I found a way not to use you!!!!! muahahha and this going to make me happy for a long long time!!!! muahahha


case_in_point said...

ooo...thanks for the tip nicole...

itune gives me the shits too...i've lost so many songs when i change computers

Nicole Tan said...

case_in_point: that's alright..atleast I know I used my thesis procrastination time to do something useful..:)

magicstar80 said...

erms am using itunes but not with ipod. hehe. :) but u see its heavy usage and its killing my notebook. :( sighs but its got a very good lnf to it and its spunky in the new black chrome look. :P

Nicole Tan said...

magicstar: I still hate itunes....nothing going to change my when free want to go out?