Saturday, December 20

Big Fat Face Day

Note: Woo hoo I finally made up my mind and got the Rockband!!!! wanted to get Guitar Heroes but it was sold out....I got the last Rockband set for 200 bucks!!! a savings of 64 bucks!! now I'm seriusly happy!! lalala...Xmas is going to be fun fun fun.....and since I'm home alone....I'm jamming up my house!!! muahahahahhaa

big fat face

Yesterday was Lionel's 2nd housewarming ever since he came to Sydney...didn't take much photos there...I was seriusly half dead....a week of deprived sleep, nice comfy house, even nicer comfy couch...I seriusly almost fell asleep if not for that game of Cranium...

And why the big fat faces? dunno since normal ppl usually take picture in such a way they look thin and less big faced...decided I wanted to go opposite...haha i have to say all of us look pretty good for a big face head shot....:)...but I think having it in black and white was better..the coloured shot was SCARY! haha

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