Thursday, December 18

Khachigian '08 Xmas Party

Note: I've been so busy lately!!! averaging less than 6 hours sleep a day...but today is worth it because I get to do the pictures from the party!!! don't worry it would only take you say 90 seconds of your life watching it! But do watch it!!! esp Jeff's picture! :)


Well is the Xmas party...I took a day off from work for it...but it was worth so many errands done!!! phewwww......The event was held at Hyde Park...some going to be opened apartments...we got a showroom apartment for free!!! so that is why the party was there just in case some of you are wondering. :) the views were great...we even got front seat of view of some army training....:) helicopters all around....

Ok better go off now...I think I wasted enough of your time seeing those pictures....I finally manage to get my hands on how to work a gif file...phewww...btw don't you like the present I gave jeff??? hehe I think I put so many thoughts into it....NO ONE TOUCH THOSE M&M I gave him.....I need him to be fatter than me....(I think his waist line and mine are almost identical!! arghh...stress!!!! come on help me make Jeff FAT!!!!).....

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