Wednesday, December 31

The last day of 2008

Note: Last post for the year so Happy New Year ppl!!!

Another few more days and holidays would come to an end...been such a great relaxing chilling holiday....dread going back to work next week....but good news is I'm finally moving nearer to my work place...tmr in fact....haven't even start packing...just going to dump the clothes I need and all my other crap..not bothered about anything else...afterall is only 30 minutes to come back home! haha....

Was watching this movie called Money No Enough 2 (钱不够用2) last night. I remembered watching the first part of it years ago! can't believe they actually came up with a 2nd installment of it....not related to the first anyway. I actually went through the whole show (thank god for subtitles) that has mandarin, hokkien, malay and singlish!!!! haha made me feel like I was back in Msia!!!! The show wasn't meant to be a comedy but I was laughing my head off at the scene where the mum was asking her son in hokkien whether he has eaten..haha and she just kept on asking and asking due to her deteriorating memory...and funny enough I was telling Heidi the other day about how the only sentence I learnt while holidaying in Korea with her was that exact same 4 word...Ni Jiak Bao Bei? I think this word is seriusly going to be stuck in my head for a while!! Show definately reflected a bit on the life in Singapore...quite sad if you think about it..all the bloody kiasu and kiasi....(image taken from the movie website)

2 comments: said...

Happy New Year to you, Nicole!

Wishing you and your family all the Best in the coming year!

Nicole Tan said...

singaporeshortstories: thanks...happy new year to you too and hope you have a great year!