Saturday, December 13

On my day-off.....

Note: woo hoo me on a efficiency roll here....serviced car this morning, met up with 2 seperate friends, went to lab to get some pics, did my errands and shopping..and even fit in exercising (walked from Rosebery to Randwick..took me 40 minutes...)....all by 12.30...I guess it does help getting up at 6.45....but sheesh I rather not do this anymore


Few days back, I took a day off work since I had some stuffs to do...which I won't say until I put the pics up (hopefully next week)....but here are some of my camwhoring pics taken since the place I went to had such gorgeus views....the bathroom and the bedroom was so nice!!! especially since my current room is in a seriusly shocking state...I think I need to buy a new wardrobe soon...I can't fit my clothes in mine!!!!

Ok back to doing work...have a good weekend ppl!!!

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